Month: June 2014

The “No Regrets” Guide to Beautiful Landscape Design for NJ Homeowners

Consult an Expert

Once you know what you want from your garden, contact experienced NJ landscape architects like Tapestry Landscape Architecture to see if what you want is feasible. A skilled landscape architect may also open your eyes to new ideas that could make your initial design even more beautiful.

Don’t think about your garden as simply “a garden”. Think of it as a blank canvas, where you can create countless possible works of art. By letting your creativity flow and following the quick guide above, you’ll definitely have a garden that is sure to be the envy of your friends.


Spruce Up Your NJ Outdoor Kitchen Design in Time for Independence Day

“By now, your mind has probably already wandered off thinking of all the burgers and steaks you can consume. Before you go down that lane, however, you need to prepare a few things first, starting with your backyard.

Your Backyard

Do your plants look a bit parched? Does the outdoor kitchen and living space look dated? If so, you may want to address these issues first before anything else. Luckily, many NJ outdoor kitchen design experts like Tapestry Landscape Architecture can give your backyard the facelift it needs, helping you impress your guests. At the same time, doing so is a great investment as it could increase the value of your home substantially.”

Landscape Design for NJ Homes: Translating People’s Personalities

An outdoor landscaping project requires a firm who is flexible and full of creativity, as playing with outdoor elements can be very tricky and requires remarkable talent. It is best to look for firms that are capable of handling various kinds of outdoor additions and are able to work in phases, to ensure the quality of the results. Working in phases is crucial as far as minimizing the expenses and perfecting the major and minor details go.