NJ Landscape Design Tips: Protecting your Garden from Flood Damage

Naturally, homes around New Jersey have added countermeasures to protect their homes from flood damage. Unfortunately, some people do not have a drainage system robust enough to properly protect their gardens from flooding. Protect the landscape design of your NJ home by following these simple tips:

Add Organic Compounds

Having too much water in soil can cause the roots of your flowers to rot. Provide better protection by adding more organic matter (banana peels, dead leaves, etc.) to the soil in your garden. Soil with large amounts of organic matter allows excess water to drain faster.


Building a Home? Have an NJ Landscape Design Team from the Very Start

Leaving the landscape planning for later can spell aesthetic and practical problems. Incorrect elevations, for example, can lead to expensive drainage problems that would require retaining walls or seepage tanks to fix, which in turn will subtract from the outside appeal of the home. Not consulting with an NJ landscape design expert may also result to the destruction of flora around the property; this could be avoided if the landscape is taken into consideration before the building process begins. Such conflicts between plans and execution can be costly in terms of materials, man-hours, and design alterations.

With these potential issues, involving skilled NJ landscape designers such as Tapestry Landscape Architecture from the very start of a project not only would make the owner’s vision for the home clearer, but will also enhance the harmony between the house and its surrounding property.

How NJ Commercial Landscape Design Can Be a Huge Business Booster

For establishments in the Tri-State area, these undertakings are the domain of expert landscapers such as Tapestry Landscape Architecture. From landscaping services to swimming pool designs in NJ, large-scale projects should only be entrusted to professionals to ensure quality results.

Beautiful landscapes are sizable but worthy investments, and NJ commercial landscape design projects should be a fusion of creative design, architecture, and a green hand in order to enhance sites as places that businesses could both benefit from and be proud of.

Renowned NJ Landscape Design Company Creates Appealing Living Spaces

The company is composed of a team of licensed NJ landscape architects who bring different elements of expertise to make creative and insightful designs to beautiful concepts. Tapestry Landscape also exerts efforts to bring in and recruit the most qualified and unique landscape designers and architects to be part of their team in offering exquisite design and perspective to clients. They assure that every innovation their designers and architects bring are always meeting their high standards of quality and excellence.

Tapestry Landscape Architecture understands that the home is both a personal space and an investment property that people take pride in. They know how important it is for homeowners to always look forward to coming home every day, and that they enjoy living in their personal spaces.

NJ Commercial Landscape Design Firm Works with Prestigious Businesses

With a goal of creating attractive spaces, the company uses varying design techniques businesses can rely on to captivate, impress, and reel in clients for more visits. Their licensed landscape architects bring different elements of expertise, which result in creative and insightful designs bringing ideas and concepts to life. They tap talents and skills in horticulture, lighting, garden making, patio construction, pool customization, and distinctive outdoor kitchen design in NJ to offer perspectives that satisfy clients beyond expectations.

Outdoor kitchens, in fact, are a new trend on the North East that’s gradually carrying over from residential to commercial places. Many of Tapestry Landscape’s clients, including country clubs, hotels, and apartment buildings, are seeking the firm’s help to include outdoor kitchens into their patio space, which results in additional space for clients to enjoy all year ‘round.

NJ Landscape Design Tips: Designing a Flood-Resistant Backyard Garden

Flood warnings are a common sight in New Jersey. As such, many residents take several measures to prevent floods from damaging their homes—such as waterproofing their basements, for instance. Unfortunately, some homeowners forget that their homes extend all the way out to their gardens.

In any case, planning your NJ landscape design properly so that it can withstand floods is a smart way to protect your investment. With that in mind, here are several steps you can take to make your garden flood-resistant:

Tips on Commercial Landscape Design in NJ: Summer Gardening for Hotels

Watering is necessary for any garden or landscape, but it can also be quite costly. You can minimize water consumption by having rain sensors installed. These devices tell you just how much water your garden’s plants have already received, thus enabling you to water your plants at a more appropriate time. Yet another practical way to cut down on watering is to invest in drought-tolerant plants and trees.

Count on a company like Tapestry Landscape Architecture for excellent landscape and swimming pool designs in NJ that punctuate the beauty of your establishment. Likewise, heed the advice of such an expert on how to maintain these property features in excellent condition, both in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics.

Landscape Design for NJ Homes: Translating People’s Personalities

An outdoor landscaping project requires a firm who is flexible and full of creativity, as playing with outdoor elements can be very tricky and requires remarkable talent. It is best to look for firms that are capable of handling various kinds of outdoor additions and are able to work in phases, to ensure the quality of the results. Working in phases is crucial as far as minimizing the expenses and perfecting the major and minor details go.

Commercial Landscape Design in NJ: Capitalizing on the Impending Boom

The slowing down of the economy always affects most, if not all businesses, regardless of the industry they come from. The landscaping sector, for example, is one of those that were hit hard, as homeowners and businesses shifted their expenses to more urgent concerns. Though things are starting to look better, as a report from stated a projected bounce-back of the landscaping market come 2015.